November 25, 2016 – I like to think of this national holiday as at least one day out of each year when families actually count their blessings. And what better day than this historical day of gratitude. So what do we get instead?


Such incredible greed from corporate America. It was all so subtle: Black Friday filled with enticing advertisements throughout Thursday’s paper. Instead of sitting by the cozy fire with family and friends, the feasters gather around the ads to see what’s a great buy, and making mental notes about how nice Aunt so and so would love this, and at such a bargain.

Hardly had their heads touched their pillows, a few years back, than the alarm sounded for the early. early wake-up call to throw on some clothes, leap into the car and drive off to the mall to be first in line for these never-to-be-offered- again items, the same items that will be on sale in a few weeks. Merchandisers are not going to give up their edge in getting the merriment or bah-humbug shoppers back into the stores to gobble up the bargains like that Thanksgiving bird eating his last meal.


But now the merchants have made a big intrusion into the holiday itself. It’s no longer just Black Friday, but it now encroaches into Thursday afternoon. “Doors Open at 3:00. Be first to finish your Christmas shopping.” At 3:00 our house is still filled with family and friends just finishing up the last drumstick with hardly time to pick up the empty plates. Nevertheless, our family has only once been lured by the bargains to leap up from the table to scamper off to do Christmas shopping. That was way back when it was still  Black Friday. Today, even the auto industry has jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon. What better time than the day after Thanksgiving to get rid of last years models Nevertheless, our family hasn’t been lured away to buy the bargains, not even a good deal on a car. For that I am very grateful. I’m not going to protest by knocking down a pile of neatly-stacked socks. I’ve decided to do my shopping this year on line. The bonus: it’s delivered to my house. Too bad it isn’t gift wrapped.


The cozy fire crackles on into the remaining day and evening. It has been a lovely time. Nothing is better than family. That’s the way it’s been with us for as long as I can remember. Hopefully, that’s how it will always be, at least at our house. I do hope your day was as good.

Originally posted 2016-11-26 21:14:36.

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