Alzheimer’s, A Denture And Belly Dancing

Belly dancer

I remember well Ken’s pre-Alzheimer’s sense of humor which included a night out, a removable denture and a belly dancer.

September 28, 2012 – Ken’s teeth were, no doubt, pretty normal: enough cavities to keep his dentist busy and enough hygiene know how for a good balance during his growing-up years and into young adulthood.  Then there was a bit of neglect in twice-yearly checkups while serving in the Merchant Marine and then better care during his stint with the Navy.  But the dye was cast; he did not inherit the great salvia possessed by his father and mother to fight the good fight against cavity causing bacteria.  So it was as middle age approached the fillings gave way to necessary crowns and bridge work. Continue reading

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September 21, 2012 — My mother-in-law, Rose, was one of the fortunate ones when it came to teeth: strong, straight

dentist working on woman

Despite strong healthy teeth and frequent dental exams, some people with Azheimer’s end up with dentures, another problem for caregivers to deal with.

and cavity free.  As my dentist Dr. T. had explained she was blessed with the good saliva that worked to keep the bacteria from making inroads — cavities — in her teeth.  However, as she neared 50 all of her teeth were extracted due to gum disease – like my dad who I wrote about previously.


Ken’s father, Nick, managed to keep all of his pearly whites with only one missing when he died.  That was quite an accomplishment for someone born in 1892.  As a poor immigrant boy of 14 who came to America during the 1906 immigrant rush Nick was unfamiliar with the word, use or sight of a toothbrush.  Joining the U. S. Marines ten years later the Corps soon taught their new recruit the meaning of hygiene in all aspects.  So for Nick, even in his later years of Alzheimer’s, lucked out in the dental department. Continue reading

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