Date night


Movie theater marquee at opening night

Frequent movie dates became part of the past when  Alzheimer’s got in the way.

January 4, 2013 — Our first date was at the movies.  Jim, who worked in the same office where I worked, dropped by my desk and asked if I would be interested in going out with one of his friends, Bud.  Perhaps, he suggested, the four of us (he was dating Jeannie who also worked in our office) could go to a movie and then have a bite to eat afterward.  Hesitating a bit I asked, “Is your friend Bud taller than I am?”  “I think so,” Jim replied, “Bud, Ken, is 6’2.”  I know my question sounded rather shallow, but wearing heels I was 5’10” and towered over many of the young men I knew, including Jim.  “Sounds okay,” I said and he filled in with all the details of my first date with the man I would eventually marry.  Continue reading

Originally posted 2013-01-06 13:53:52.

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